DIRTT Solutions

We give you the freedom and tools to design custom spaces exactly how you imagine them. See how smart design melds with our parametric solutions to create environments that are unique, sustainable and beautiful.


DIRTT’s parametric behaviors and universal connections result in the ability to mix and match wall styles and elevations to suit different areas of your space. Whether you need a section to support technology and furniture and another section to offer daylight, or any other combinations, you can create it with DIRTT.


DIRTT Networks is a factory built, pre-tested and componentized approach to building sustainable network infrastructure. Connections simply click together, eliminating the need for expensive on-site trades.


An innovative structural wood solution that blends traditional craftsmanship with the speed, customization and flexibility of DIRTT’s modern manufacturing. The structures deliver free-standing, multi-level solutions for the structures of high-ceiling spaces such as trade shows, factories and warehouses as well as architecturally inspired commercial office interiors.


DIRTT Power is a quick-connect, pre-tested and adaptable solution; all your electrical requirements arrive on-site in the correct lengths and factory built components ready to go.


DIRTT Millwork is customizable, modular cabinetry that works for nearly any application – it can become what you need, in the size you need, at the speed you need.

Raised Floors

DIRTT Floors are purposefully designed to provide easy access to the power, network and technology infrastructure – this flexibility permits changes that can be installed in new and existing spaces with minimal impact.

Leaf Wall

The Leaf Wall module allows the wall to fold and move along a ceiling track. Individual wall modules can have many configurations, including glass panels, solid panels and integrated technology panels.

Ready to start your project?

Join hundreds of happy clients who love their space.


DIRTT is a specialty construction consultant on your project team. Whether it’s a big or small space, create an office, learning environment or healthcare facility where your people can flourish.

  • Design unique environments that drive your mission and can adapt to your business needs.
  • Achieve greater certainty around cost, schedule and the final outcome.
  • Create resilient spaces that can easily handle change and minimize downtime.


We’re a specialty subcontractor that covers multiple trades, working under you to oversee the DIRTT order, sequencing and install. Talk to us early to maximize efficiencies.

  • Experience a more streamlined construction process and simplified trade construction.
  • Receive fast and clean installs – complete more projects and keep schedules on track.
  • Stay on budget – know exactly what you’re paying with no hidden surprises.


Create your unique vision while benefitting from complete design freedom. We’ll be there to translate your ideas into custom DIRTT solutions with resources and support that aligns with your workflow. Use our ICE virtual reality platform to collaborate with your clients, anywhere in the world.

  • Achieve design certainty around what your space is going to look like and how it will function.
  • Work with customizable solutions to create unique spaces.
  • Incorporate healthy, sustainable materials to meet your project requirements and goals.

Let’s take the stress out of construction

Budget with confidence

DIRTT’s technology is a design-integration, pricing and visualization tool that speaks to our factories. It lets you see exactly how much your project will cost, to the penny. Make changes in real-time. Your cost is immediately recalculated. And the best part? The cost quoted is the actual cost.

Stay on schedule

Don’t let your budget be hijacked by the labor and hidden costs of a longer
schedule. Once you sign off, your entire space is manufactured and shipped in 21 days or less. On-site installation is completed in a fraction of the time conventional construction requires.

Build flexible spaces

DIRTT’s modular solutions are durable and flexible. They stay resilient over time so you can meet your needs today and adapt to whatever comes next. Reconfigure your space with little disruption and downtime, reducing your ongoing expenses and maintenance budget.

What you see is what you get

​What you see is what you get Make confident design decisions using 3D visualizations and advanced virtual reality. With technology that connects directly to the DIRTT factory, you get reassurance that your design will be built exactly as you see it – with extreme precision.

Create sustainable spaces

DIRTT’s prefabricated solutions are built for adaptability and reuse. They can be modified as your businesses changes. This eliminates the need to tear down and rebuild your space resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of raw materials that fill our landfills from conventional construction. Click here for more on building sustainably with DIRTT.

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