Division 12 is offering to help in several different areas of Interior Management that we feel will be beneficial to the Client.

Commercial Interior Design

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  • Space Planning
  • AutoCAD Construction Document Detailing
  • Bid Specifications
  • Materials and Color Selection
  • Furniture, Fixture and Equipment (FF&E) selection
  • Graphics and Space Branding
  • Lighting Design
  • Vendor selection & Management

Furniture Layout Design & Space Planning

3D Conceptualization

Furniture Sales & Installation

Budget Management

Project Management

Loose Furniture Servies

Loose Furniture Procurement

D12 would handle all requests from Professors and other Faculty members for all new furniture. This would include all student chairs, student desks, office furniture, file cabinets, and new casework needs for existing and new spaces. D12 would receive all requests from all faculty members. D12 would then interface with those faculty members to see exactly what their needs are for the space they require.

D12, because of its relationship with existing vendors, can help ensure the right product is purchased for that space’s need. D12 would also be responsible for screening all third party vendors that wish to sell to the University to ensure both quality of products offered and stability of companies offering them. This will keep third party vendors away from faculty members. These third party vendors will only have contact with D12. This will also allow for uniformity of products purchased throughout the campus.

Although D12 will not have any responsibility for issuing Purchase Orders or paying Invoices, we will assist in these areas. We will work with Accounting to be sure all PO are issued for the correct amounts and to the correct Vendors. We will also assist Accounting in paying Invoices in a timely manner by ensuring that they are for the correct amount and to the correct Vendor. This should make the bill payment process much smoother for the Accounting Department.

Loose Furniture Management

D12’s goal in this would be to know where all loose furniture is located on campus. Uniformity will be a goal of D12 in this aspect. We will begin the process by “standardizing” the look of the Campus. We will begin by identifying old inventory and begin the process of reducing the inventory that needs to be discarded. Then we will start cataloging all furniture into different styles and colors. The goal here would be to have the same style and color furniture in each room if not in each building.

As existing inventory is replaced with newer, we would strive to keep consistency through out the campus. Not only will this give the campus a greater visual appeal from one building to the next but it will also help control cost. An example would when a new faculty member needs furniture for a new space they are moving into. With the Electronic Database that we would provide, we will be able to tell if and where any furniture that fits the needs of this new space is located and reallocate it to the new space. With the our Electronic Database we would be able to help control costs by eliminating “double” purchasing of items.

Loose Furniture Reduction Control

It is D12’s understanding that there is quite a bit of unused inventory stored on Campus. This is where our Electronic Database would be most effective. We would locate all existing unused furniture. Catalog it. Determine the condition of this inventory and make a determination as to whether it will be economical to maintain this inventory. If the inventory is still good, we would catalog it. Store it on campus and maintain the items by color, style, and location. This will also allow us to control cost by reusing functional old inventory to meet new needs, thus eliminating the need to purchase new furniture.

The Electronic Database will also allow us to see if the University has too much of any one item and if the surplus can be sold. D12 has relationships with many K-12 school systems throughout the state that may be willing to buy older inventory. This will allow the University to turn “dead” inventory into Income. It will also allow the University to potentially reclaim floor space for new classrooms that was once used as storage rooms. If items are deemed not useable do to wear and tear, D12 can also offer an evaluation as to whether old inventory is worth refurbishment, or if it were best to eliminate it. Again selling these old items even to a scrap yard would generate some income to the University.

Equipment Financing Services

Division 12 Consulting now offers financing and leasing for our equipment, computer equipment, IT Equipment, furniture, etc . We offer fixed terms up for up to 60 months with very competitive rates. Many of our finance and lease options are tax deductible under IRS Tax Code Section 179 for up to $500,000.

Simplify your purchase by budgeting a tax deductible monthly payment as opposed to a cash expenditure. Contact us for more information.

Information Technology Consulting

DIVISION 12 Consulting offers our years of experience to help you find the best Information Technology pricing, design, and service for your organization’s unique needs. We work on your behalf to negotiate with all of the major vendors to secure the best pricing, service, and reliability for the services you need and create a successful service transition. All of this plus on-going proactive account management, monthly audits of all IT services being billed, and ONE POINT OF CONTACT.

  • Telecom just got a lot simpler!
    Performs detailed analysis of clients network configuration, ultimately implementing the best custom fit solution
  • Recommends cost saving options to clients after full IT audit and vendor analysis
  • Maintains active vendor database to leverage the most efficient and effective solution for each client
  • Synchronizes contract negotiations across numerous vendors
  • Oversees full project management life cycle until successful completion for each client engagement

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