Our Services

Division 12 is offering to help in several different areas of Interior Management that we feel will be beneficial to the client.

Contract Furniture Sales & Installation

Division 12 would handle all requests from the clients for all new furniture sales and installation. This would include all chairs, desks, office furniture, file cabinets, and new casework needs for existing and new spaces. Division 12 would interface with the client to see exactly what their needs are for their space.

Space Planning and and Design

We offer complimentary space planning and design consultations by our experienced professionals. Our goal is for your project to match your goals and provide the best functionality possible. As you communicate with our design team, either in-person, over the phone, or electronically, we will pull from our years of experience to determine the best fit for your project based on traffic flow, floor space, lighting, electrical and cable placement, budget, and more.

3D Conceptualization

We offer 3d conceptualization renderings that our clients. While all cannot read floor plans and construction documents, these services allow the client to view a 3d rendering of the space. We work closely with developers, and designers, architects, aiming to create value for the work we do and bring the clients expectation to the next level.

Warehouse Storage

Division 12 has a 40,000 square feet of warehouse space in Downtown Montgomery, Alabama.


Through clarification of and commitment to project team goals, Division 12 provides the project owner with control of the project’s schedule, budget and quality. Division 12 provides in-depth services and supervision of all of its projects, with hands-on involvement by the company’s principals and project supervisors from start to finish. Our professionals employ best practices to create and maintain the delivery of superior services. We act as an extension of our client’s organization adding value based on our personnel’s expertise in the field. We work closely with our clients understanding how they operate. We always hope to increase the operational efficiencies with our clients.

Division 13 Architectural Solutions

Barbican revolves around a single purpose: to reduce the wasteful impact of traditional commercial spaces. With the development of sustainable and transformable components Barbican is revolutionizing how complete interior environments can be built.

To achieve this pursuit, we promote a culture rich in research and development and open communication.

Barbican responds to the current needs of our customers, while innovating for the future demands of commercial interiors and the people using these spaces.

With a focus on developing novel materials and applications, we practice collaboration and connectivity with our employees, suppliers, and partners to drive changes in the way an interior space is created by offering a full office solution that is fluid and receptive to change.

Success in creating a synergistic space that is comfortable and modifiable while minimizing environmental impact offers its own reward: a safer, sustainable future.

About us

MBE Certified • Minority-Owned Business • DBE Certified • State Contract T390 Dealer • SBA (8A) Certified • UA Dealer